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At Swayambhuti Consultants, we are dedicated to providing transformative training and coaching experiences that go beyond mere instruction. Our mission is to guide individuals on a journey of self-realization, empowering them to understand their own needs while respecting and meeting the needs of others. With a vision to positively transform lives, our goal is to establish Swayambhuti Consultants as a renowned company renowned for its profound impact by 2033.

At Swayambhuti Consultants, we are committed to delivering exceptional training, coaching, and quizzing experiences that drive positive transformation. Join us on the path to self-realization and unlock your full potential. Contact us today to embark on your journey of growth and success.


Till 2033, we intend to create Swayambhuti Consultants as a company known for transforming lives positively.


To create a world which is happy by realization of the needs of others by respecting their own needs and create an understanding.


Contribution, Transformation, Care, Integrity & Commitment

Meet Sunil Anandani

Sunil Anandani, our esteemed founder, brings over 17 years of experience from various organizations where he has made a significant positive difference in the lives of thousands. Sunil firmly believes in the power of contribution and aims to inspire others to do the same. With expertise in one-on-one coaching, Sunil specializes in helping business owners boost their company sales.

Throughout his career, Sunil has collaborated with esteemed organizations such as ICICI Bank Ltd, Yes Bank Ltd, Times of India group, and Kotak Mahindra Bank, among others. Over the past decade, he has trained over 10,000 individuals across prominent companies including Kotak Mahindra Bank, Byju's, Nestle, Bank of Baroda, Tata Power, and many more. His corporate training proficiency spans topics like Selling Skills and various soft skills domains.

Sunil is also passionate about mentoring college students and assisting them in attaining their desired careers. He has worked with prestigious universities such as Gujarat University, Chitkara University, Marwadi University, and many others.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Sunil Anandani is an accomplished Quiz-Master, having organized and conducted more than 100 quizzes across corporate firms and educational institutions.

Our Services


We offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to enhance your skills and empower you to achieve success in both personal and professional domains. Our training sessions are thoughtfully crafted to address specific areas of growth, providing practical knowledge and valuable insights. Whether you are an individual looking to sharpen your selling skills or a team seeking to foster better relationships with customers, we have the training solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Our coaching services are designed to provide personalized guidance and support to individuals who aspire to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Whether you are a business owner looking to scale your company or a student aiming to excel in the corporate sector, our experienced coach, Sunil Anandani, will work closely with you to unlock your full potential.


Our engaging quizzing sessions add a touch of excitement and knowledge enhancement to your corporate events and educational institutions. Designed and conducted by our experienced Quiz-Master, Sunil Anandani, our quizzes are a perfect blend of fun and learning.

Our Blog

Work-Life Balance. Is it really existent or a myth?

Every year, numerous studies rank countries based on their work-life balance, considering factors such as annual holidays, parental leave policies, and weekly/monthly working hours. Many individuals take pride in working for companies that prioritize a healthy work-life balance. However, I have a fundamental question to pose: How can work-life balance truly exist? You may wonder…

The Power of Questions

Once upon a time, there was a bus driver who took great pride in owning and operating his own bus. His earnings were steadily increasing, and he was content with his life. However, his tranquility was shattered one fateful day when a burly weightlifter boarded the bus and boomed in a commanding voice, “Big John…

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